The female herd has been our main focus since we bought our first pedigree cows in 1996. Fertility, calving ease and good weaned calves have been our goal.  Calving ease is still our main priority which is important to our customers (hill country beef farmers and dairy farmers) with some of our better bulls going to studs. We are now focusing on carcass traits. With so many animals being scanned breeders have good carcass information to work with.



Braxton Western Star by Braxton Westwind  and Koanui Tullamarine have both left  good females that are breeding on. Koanui Director k166 by Kilmorlie Deliverence has left a real strength in the females. Heatherdale Opium U78 (IMP AUS) has left stock that have excellent carcass traits, excellent ease of calving and good nature. Our main herd sire Kairaumati Overland by Heatherdale Opium out of a very good Koanui Derive cow going back to Devo is leaving calves that are ticking all the boxes. This year we will have calves on the ground by Tlell Red Cedar (IMP CAN) a proven sire worldwide for calving ease and leaving dams with top milking performance.